APC sponsors The 3rd Annual Prague Biocide Conference

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APC’s Grażyna Panek-Minkin, Stanislava Koprdová and Magda Solti are attending the 3rd Annual Prague Biocide Conference in the Czech Republic on 22/23 June, and APC is pleased to be providing sponsorship items at the event.

The 3rd Annual Prague Biocide Conference: Focus on SME’s – Keeping up with the Progress on Guidance for Biocidal Product Authorisations, will concentrate this year on the forthcoming challenges, on experiences learned from recent developments and on what the future holds for the regulatory environment. It will focus on progress in active substance approvals and product authorisations, as well as the expected workloads for industry. The event is well attended by both industry professionals and representatives from across Europe and provides practical guidance for industry where there is a need to register products in Eastern European countries.

More information is available here

APC’s provision of regulatory support in Eastern European countries has grown over the last few years and includes offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as country consultants throughout the region.

To arrange a meeting with APC please contact Grażyna Panek-Minkin, Stanislava Koprdová or Magda Solti

We look forward to seeing you there.

For any other information contact APC UK +44 (0)1937 587962 or email enquiries@apc.eu.com