APC sponsors Czech Republic Poppy Association 2016 seminars

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APC are delighted to once again sponsor the 2016 Poppy Seminars organised by the Czech Republic Poppy Association. Stanislava Koprdová, manager of APC’s Czech Republic office in Prague and executive director of Czech Republic Poppy Association, will be attending the Seminars, which take place in three locations across the Czech Republic from 3-5 February 2016.

Experienced speakers from the Czech Poppy AssociatioPoppy field 2n, academia, regulatory bodies and industry will be covering a variety of topics from current growth technologies, regulatory and legislative changes to the economy and marketplace for the poppy industry. Poppies are a traditional and vital crop in the Czech Republic agriculture industry, with uses including poppy seed in foodstuffs and other parts of the plant in pharmaceutical products.

The seminar programme, now in its 16th year, attracts attendees from across the industry, including agricultural companies as well as representatives from chemical, pharmaceutical and research companies.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information on the poppy seminars or regarding APC in the Czech Republic please contact Stanislava: stanislava.koprdova@apc.eu.com